I have several different projects going on at once- Oil paintings that capture the emotional experience of nature; Collages of my imagined life as a mermaid, and my children's book- The Adventures of Ida Claire.  I hope that you enjoy them all!

I paint on plywood because canvas will not hold up to the wet techniques and resin that I use. One day I bought some new birch plywood, and when I prepared to prime a particularly fabulous piece, I realized that the grain of the wood was too lovely to ignore. That lovely piece of birch has lead me to experiment with different woods and using the grain as part of the composition.
Mermaid Tales
When my husband and I vacationed in Greece, at the southern coast of Crete I found water of such an amazing blue that I wanted to surround myself with it. I imagined that if I could dive in and become a mermaid I would have stayed there, enveloped in jewel-toned blue, forever. I have a condition called Alopecia, which has left me completely bald. Working on these mermaid collages has helped me explore female beauty and sensuality at a time when I am not feeling very beautiful or feminine.
Clouds and Rain
This spring and early summer brought rainstorms to south Louisiana. I started noticing the clouds formations and color of the sky before and after the rain and found it was perfect inspiration for a new series.
Paintings in my Alchemy series are made using chemical reactions to manipulate the media rather than a brush.
Inspired my favorite bodies of water!
The Adventures of Ida Claire
Ida Claire, a small pink sheep, embarks on a pirate adventure to search for treasure in this beautifully illustrated children's story.